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3Thermo the world’s first Concealed Hybrid Heating System. This modular heating system has been winning awards across Europe. 3Thermo is the Number 1 choice for heating in many eco/passive home builds, as well as Lofts, Extensions, New builds, Refurbs, Retro Fits and Commercial Applications. 3Thermo is a versatile system and can be installed as a wet system off any hot water feed or using electricity.

3THERMO key advantages:

  • No water or electricity
  • Good for your home
  • Good for your health 

AXG (Anti extreme Gel) Companyare leading specialists in the supply of Hygiene materials within the Health & Safety sector and can be used in for several elements of works including some of the following:
Food Preparation and many more.

G-Tech G Ltd are proud that we are only using this product on our construction sites. They provide specialised products ranging from cleaning foam for surfaces and Antibacterial gel for your hands, this is to keep all our staff and visitors safe. AXG is gentle on the skin and it kills 99.99% of germs and diseases.
More information about the product line and orders HERE
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