Gregory Stanjek Owner/Director

Since starting the company G-Tech G Limited in 2016, Gregory Stanjek, continues the construction family tradition while maintaining the company‚Äôs outstanding reputation and uncompromising commitment to quality and safety. Gregory Stanjek has provided leadership and overall management control as the head of the G-Tech G Team and has been responsible for projects in the both private and public sectors. Gregory is involved in every project and maintains a hands-on involvement and responsibility for all construction operations through project completion. He has 15 years experience in construction industry with fresh and specialises in design-build projects.

David Chambers Director/Operations

David Chambers involvement in the construction industry spans over 20 years in a variety of management and executive roles. As Director Operation of G-Tech G Limited Mr. Chambers responsibilities include business development, management and administration of all projects. He has started at G-Tech G Limited with a mission to better serve his clients and the construction industry as a whole through the endorsement and implementation of an integrated design-build construction delivery approach. From the outset, he concentrated the efforts of the organisation toward design-build markets.

Our valued clients

G-Tech G Limited has always embraced our clients and partners as part of Our Team. Every project is performed with open communication. The Partnering methodology is implemented and a mutual respect with our clients provides the groundwork for our success.